New Rules

I'll be alternating with Mendy this semester, and am flying under the banner of her show Moscow Rules. The format will be largely the same for me, other than the time shift.

And please please please, check out the new e.p. by The Secret History. This is Michael Grace's new project, and though it'll never replace My Favorite, it is, in the words another favorite of mine, a worthy successor.

My show on 2/6/09 went like this:

The Secret History - Mark and John
Stereo Total - Miss Rebellion des Hormones
Coo Coo Rockin Time - Plenty of Room on the Radio
Flight of the Conchords - Inner City Pressure
Big Breakfast - Googlephonics
Boyracer - Dark Wing
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday*
Of Montreal - An Eluardian Instance*
Flin Flon - Leading Tickets
Y Pants - Magnetic Attraction
Hello Seahorse - Won't Say Anything
Ill Ease and the Racket - Hate the Game
Barmitzvah Brothers - Trailblazer*
Eux Autres - The Things They Carried
Nous Non Plus - French Teacher*
Baskervilles - A Little More Time
Maybellines - Come On
Kanda - Arctic
Electric Pop Group - I Could See the Lights
Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes*
Fake Fictions - 1995
Talulah Gosh - Best Friend
Manhattah Love Suicides - Jonny Boy
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Hey Paul*
Yellow Fever - Joe Brown
Now Now Every Children - Everyone You Know*
Dressy Bessy - Some Better Days
Vox Dei - Terroriste
Galactic Heroes - Sing-Along
Kittycraft - All to You
Young People - Ride On
Vivian Girls - I Believe in Nothing
Electrelane - The Greater Times
Strawberry Fair - I Can't Do ANything
Semiautomatic - Dressed Up