I'm considering doing a morning show next semester. It would have to be after 10:00 so I can watch Ellen. I'm not sure if a morning show is really a good idea or not though.

Octant - The Move
Love is All - New Beginnings*
Rosebuds - Nice Fax*
Besties - Rod n' Reel
Lunchbox - Letters from Overend
Versus - Raining
Silk Strings - Snakes Say Hisss*
Magnetic Fields - Smoke Signals
Dirty Moons - Dreaming
Six Cents and Natalie - Boyfriend
Vivian Girls - I Believe in Nothing*
Pipas - Wells St.
State of Samuel - Square Roots
Gregory and the Hawk - Grey Weather*
The Blow - The Moon is There, I am Here
School of Seven Bells - Iamundernodisguise*
Unrest - Light Command
Gaze - Detail Queen
Cause Co-motion - Baby Don't Do It*
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday
Gang Gnag Dance - First Communication*
Act - Ping Pong
Positions - Things You Never Said
Postmarks - Pinball Number Count*
Crystal Stilts - The Sinking*
Drivers - Letter
Busytoby - My Russian Olive
Hauschka - Blue Bicycle*
Marnie Stern - Prime*
Wandering Lucy - Marthy's Tune
New Bad Things - Caravan
Shumai - Prescription Sleep
# Poundsign # - Lou Gehrig
Hot Pursuit - Mail Call
Oklahoma Scramble - Boy


Crystal Stilts - Departure*
Yips - November
Celeste - Start Anew
Tender Trap - 6 Billion People
Serge Gainsbourg - Shu Ba Doo Ba Loo Ba
Secret Stars - Zombie Samba
Tara Jane Oneil - Prick
Calvin Johnson - Lies Goodbye
Flatmates - Trust Me
Rosebuds - Cape Fear*
Gang Gang Dance - Princes*
Octant - This and What
Pidgeon - The Gimmick Monster*
Quintron - Too Thirsty 4 Love*
Sprites - Acting Like We Quit
Helen Love - Rollercoasting
Company - Join the Dots
Eux Autres - Park Bench Vacation
Revillos - Jack the Ripper
Figurine - My First UFO
Subdebs - Into the Night
Asobi Seksu - Lions and Tigers
Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To?*
Postmarks - You Only Live Twice*
Gregory and the Hawk - Ghost*
Deerhoof - Fresh Born*
School of Seven Bells - Half Asleep*
Lush - Single Girl
Going Stagg - Breathe
Women - Woodbine*
Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! - Bossa Nostra
Marnie Stern - Clone Cycle*
Deux - Game and Performance
Los Compesinos! - Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks