Bis - Tell it to the Kids
Bratmobile - Girl Germs
Kathleen Hanna - I Wish I Was Him
Huggy Bear - No Sleep
Sleater-Kinney - Little Babies
X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
Essential Logic - Quality Crayon Wax OK
Lois - Strumpet
The New Bad Things - Josh Has a Crush on a Femme from Reed
The Frumpies - Don't Wanna Go Home
Anna O2 - Ponytail
The Vaselines - Molly's Lips
Excuse 17 - Watchmaker
Cub - Ticket to Spain
The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World
Guv'ner - I Will Get You
Tattle Tale - Take 10
Sleater-Kinney - You Ain't It
Tiger Trap - For Sure
Space Ballerinas - Strawberry Child
Young Marble Giants - Brand-New Life
Bratmobile - Gimme Brains
Le Tigre - The The Empty
The Automoticans - Audrey
Gravy Train!!! - Titties Bounce
Bikini Kill - Thurston Hearts the Who
The Bangs - S.O.S
Tami Hart - From Chapel Hill

That was only about half the show. I ended it early because the radio was broken and everything sounded terrible. Then everyone said, "you broke the radio, Wendy."


My Favorite - The Happiest Days of My Life
Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song
The Concretes - Chosen One
Nedelle and Thom - You Take Me You Break Me
Kicking Giant - Rocket
The Positions - Bliss
The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out
Tracy and the Plastics - Knit a Claw
Lavender Diamond - You Broke My Heart
Dame Darcy - Beautiful Doll
Figurine - My Suitor
The Blow - Hey Boy
Dressy Bessy - Extraordinary
Love is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up
Marine Research - At the Lost and Found
The Faintest Ideas - All Stars
The Cure - End of the World
Palomar - Bridge of Sighs
Tender Forever - Then if I'm Weird I Want to Share
Feist - Past in Present
Tha Bracelets - Red and White Valentine
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Skulls
Beat Happening - Other Side
Les Breastfeeders - Funny Funiculaire
The Organ - Brother
Laura Veirs - Pink Light
The Mendoza line - My Tattered Heart and Torn Parts
Men in Fur - Tiger Song
Sleater-Kinney - One Song for You
Marnie Stern - Absorb those Numbers
Girls at our Best - Getting Nowhere Fast
The Lucksmiths - There is a Boy that Never Goes Out
Calvin Johnson and the Sons of the Soil - Booty Run
The Sea and Cake - Crossing Line
Stereolab - Wow and Flutter
Smack Dab - Lucky
Smack Dab again - Walking Garden
The Hot Pursuit - Timonium Two Step
Tullycraft - Wild Bikini
Jarvis Cocker - Heavy Weather