Galactic Heroes - Sing Along
Vampire Weekend - Walcott
Stars - Elevator Love Letter
Michael Cera and Ellen Page - Anyone Else But You
Wandering Lucy - Marthy's Tune
Young People - Forget
Taken By Trees - The Legend
Beach House - Wedding Bell
My Fav - Suburbs Are Killing Us remix
The Cat's Miaow - It's True
Hanne Hukkelberg - Obelix
The Moves - T. Knee
Nerdy Girl - Hate Me
Times Ten - She's a Spy
The Bangs - Docudrama
The Ravonettes - Hallucinations
Elf Power - Spiral Stairs
The Smittems - Twee Valley High
Happy Supply - Dumb Song
Gravy Train!!! - Johnny Makeup
The Pill - Roxasette
Cave Troll Dungeon - Exhume and Consume
Casino Music - Viol Af Dis
The Microphones - I Can't Believe You Actually Died
Thao Nguyen - Bag of Hammers
Numbers - Can't Remember
The Maybellines - Walking Down the Street
Palomar - Bridge of Sighs
De Novo Dahl - Shout
The Coolies - Waste of Time
Hotpants Romance - Shake Baby Shake
Be Your Own Pet - Zombie Graveyard Party
The Marsupials - live track from the Meridian, 11/16/07
The Subdebs - German Love Song
Tsunami - Kidding on the Square
The Radio Dept. - Where Damage Isn't Already Done
The Snow Fairies - The Love Affairs of a Southern Belle