This is from last week. I'm behind.

Danny Elfman - Pee Wee's breakfast Machine
The Primadonnas - (Dancin' in the) Freaky Zone
My Favorite - The Informers (the station has the 7"!!)
White Blue Yellow & Clouds - Moonlight
Strawberry Whiplash - Who's in Your Dreams
Xiu Xiu - I Do What I Want, When I Want
Nerdy Girl - Perhaps
Stephanie Muldrow - The Magic of Swem (Andy I need to copy this for you)
Winterbrief - Mr. Majority
Slumber Party - Strawberry Sunday
Kate Nash - Play; Made of Bricks
Danny Elfman - The Big Race
Tender Forever - Hot
The Ravonettes - Blush
Caz Allen - Blow Blow Stero
The Pixies - Gigantic
Act - Ping Pong
The B-52's - 52 Girls
Xiu Xiu - Under pressure
El Gato - Fuzzy Was She
Palomar - Knockout
The Magnetic Fields - Xavier Says
Alsace Lorraine - Senile Rings
Caramel - My Tailor is Rich
Excuse 17 - I'd Rather Eat Glass
Les Visiteurs de Soir - Je T'ecris d'un Pays
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - We Go
Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants - Tree hugger
Tommy Heavenly - Swear
The Rondelles - Revenge
The Casual Dots - Clocks
Asobi Seksu - Goodbye