radio show playlist

My Favorite – Go, Kid, Go!
The Pipettes – Because It’s not love
Cause co-motion – baby don’t do it
Halcali – Tandemu
Sarah Dougher – my pal
Peter, Bjorn, and John – objects of my affection
The Besties – zombie song
Kawaii – happy planet, scary planet
Deerhoof - +81
Liliput – Madness
Marnie Stern – Grapefruit
Stereo total – tas de tole
Mr. Airplane man – Johnny Johnny
Fujiya and Miyagi – collarbone
Sally Shapiro – Anorak Christmas
Of Montreal – suffer for fashion
The positions – caught up
El perro del mar – candy
Palomar – our haunt
Holly golightly – virtually happy
Rilo kiley – does he love you
The manhattan love suicides – skulls
Love is all – aging had never been his friend
Modest mouse – heart cooks brain
Saturday looks good to me – alcohol
Let’s go sailing – icicles
Poundsign – the best day
Maher Shalal Hash Baz – a big hug
Les breastfeeders – septembre sous la pluie
The blue minkies – Helena
The smittens – twee valley high
Spider and the webs – frozen roses
Bart & friends – dust from a memory
Heavenly - sacramento