a few things

1. according to last.fm, my compatibility with ginny is super! i just think it's nice that my compatibility with anyone is super.

2. some thoughts on doing a radio show again:

2.a just fyi, since my show is an "a-list" show, i play 6 songs an hour (12 songs total, mathematician) from new stuff wcwm has received ("the new bin" in wtju speak). there are far fewer CDs on the a-list than were kept (often for months and months) in tju's new bin, so it's a little scary. sometimes i have to play bands i don't know, and i don't like them. this happened last week with lonely, dear, and i was about to back announce that the song i played almost made me swear off music, when right that second, someone called the station to ask what it was because they liked it. imagine! which leads me to:

2.b listeners of wcwm are way interactive! every single show i've done, i've gotten phone calls and IMs from people i don't know. i remember weeks and weeks going by at tju with no feedback at all, or maybe a call from someone thinking they had reached wnrn. it's so weird. and nice. and weird. i guess it never really occurred to me that people were actually listening. and the listeners are all quite flattering. almost everything i play that's not off the a-list is about 6 years old, but the kids seem to like it.

2.c speaking of the kids, i find it so weird that people doing shows can just bring in their ipods and play their playlists! i do bring my laptop, mostly because i don't actually own many of the the CDs i love, and it's nice to have a library there in case i think "i need to hear x right now!" but i haven't really used it much, in part because the levels are pretty low, and in part because it just feels weird, though not as weird as having your whole show on a playlist. i don't understand. how is that fun? i guess like i said, i never really thought about people actually listening to my radio shows. i figured it was sort of an imposition, actually. like, someone surfing through stations would most likely think "good god, what is this?" and so the fun part was always playing the songs, deciding what should come next, trying to play records at the right speed and inevitably failing, popping out the wrong CD, etc. lately i've been planning my shows a little more than sam and i ever did on tju, in part because, like i said, i have this itunes library that really trumps my CD collection. but it still doesn't lack total spontaneity. it can't, really, when you have to play stuff from the a-list. i guess what i don't understand (and this isn't a critique so much as real befuddlement) is: if you crafted the perfect playlist already, what would inspire you to go to the radio station? i suppose if i did that, i'd just sit in my room and listen to my perfect playlist by myself. the reasons i like going to the station are: 1) they have record players and i do not and 2) they have CDs i do not.

2.d it's spring break, and i think that means no radio show this week. i can't be sure, but every time i tune into wcwm in my car, i hear 2 guys talking about politics in a sort of all things considered meets fox news style. they scare me, because i figure either the station has evaporated and their frequency was taken over by news guys, or i'll walk into the studio on thursday and actually find those guys sitting there having their debate about iraq. either way, i think i should stay away until i hear signs of life again.